At 15 STARS® our mission is to craft the very finest aged whiskey, to help you celebrate special moments.

The best time is time spent with friends, family, and relaxing at the end of a successful day. At 15 STARS®, we want to make this time even better. We meticulously craft our award-winning whiskeys using the finest quality spirits. This includes selectively sourcing fine aged whiskeys, marrying different mash bills and aged stocks to add complexity, distilling rare and unique proprietary grains, and “flavor proofing” at bottling for a superior neat drinking experience. Sparing no expense or effort, we bottle only the finest whiskeys that meet our highest standards.

We combine the craftsmanship of early Kentucky distillers and their tradition of excellence with innovative and creative aging and finishing techniques to bring you the finest whiskey.

Taste the Spirit
of 1795tm

A Toast to Kentucky
as the 15th State

Kentucky was recognized as the 15th state on the second u.s. flag carrying 15 stars and 15 stripes.

During this celebrated period of Kentucky’s early statehood, highly skilled craftspeople produced fine artisan goods from high quality materials. Bourbon, foremost of these, has been crafted in Kentucky for over 225 years. We approach our work as early distillers did, honoring the spirit of their craftsmanship while being innovative in our quest to produce today’s finest aged whiskeys. From our hands to yours, honoring the craftsmen of early Kentucky, we pour ourselves into the creation of fine aged whiskey, Made to stand the test of time.

New bourbon expressions. Never before produced.
Learn about our rare and flavorful proprietary grains.

Each bottle of our
15 STARS bourbon
is topped with a
metal stopper
inspired by the
first U.S. coinage
containing 15 stars,
engraved by the
American artisan
Robert Scot.

Release Now

With our barrels quietly aging in Kentucky rickhouses, we are sourcing and blending a limited supply of the finest aged bourbons to be released now. Nothing rushes great bourbon, and only time releases the best from the barrel. Enjoy our fine limited release whiskeys.

Fine Aged

  • A Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskeys from America’s First West aged 18, 15, and 10 years
  • Limited Release
  • Bottled at 98 Proof

Tasting Notes

Nose: A luscious assortment of maple, peanut brittle, candied orange, and lavender.

Palate: Layers of pastry with ginger, allspice, and honeycomb complement a smooth background of aged leather and seasoned oak.

Finish: Tinges of herbal spice are accompanied by an incredibly long-lasting cigar box and leather finish.

Celebrating America’s
First West

Our 15 STARS First West series celebrates distilling in
America’s First West.

Kentucky, in 1795, was the center of America’s First West. As the first state west of the Appalachians, it was surrounded by the then existing Northwest and Southwest Territories of the United States. Our First West Series of whiskeys celebrates distilling in America’s “First West” by incorporating whiskeys from Kentucky with those from the old NW and SW territories. Enjoy these fine aged whiskeys blended to showcase distilling excellence in America’s First West.

Inspired by
Kentucky History

The craftsmanship of early Kentucky Artisans inspires our bourbons of today.

In 1795, Kentucky was newly established as the 15th state and distilling was integral to the state’s commerce and culture. In appreciation of the fine workmanship and lasting contributions of Kentucky and American artisans, craftspeople, and distillers, we assembled the 15 STARS Collection, a compilation of rare treasures from the late 18th and early 19th century. View the Gallery and discover connections to the past that inspire us in crafting our fine bourbons today.

View our rare collection of American treasures and historical artifacts from the 18th and 19th century representing Kentucky.

15 Starstm Gifts For
Bourbon Lovers

From etched Glencairn whiskey glasses to elegant
travel flasks, you can find the perfect 15 STARS
branded barware and giftware for anyone.




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